Are All Natural Hair Textures Considered Equal From A Styling Perspective?


Hi there Sis. Peeped at IG this morning and the first post on my feed was from a local braider who got upset from a potential client because she told the person her natural hair needed to be blown out straight before getting the particular service. I'm guessing it was a lemonade braid or a straight back type of style. The potential client seemed to have gotten offended and the conversation went on probably for longer than it really should. I'm not taking sides, but this led me to something I was thinking about last night.

Source: Magic Fingers Hair Studios


Now the pics you see on social media with these styles usually appear very sleek and sculpted. The bigger sized ones at least. When I see stylist installing these styles the person's hair are always straight looking and they use quite a bit of gel or some other styling product to hold the hair in place. I'm not saying this would be the method for everyone but I'm going based on what I see.

Our natural hair, in it's natural state, comes in all different shapes and sizes:

  • some have loser curl patterns, some tighter/kinkier;
  • some have fine strands, while others may have thick strands;
  • some persons hair may be dense, while others not so dense.

Know your natural hair and what it realistically can and cannot do in it's natural state. If you are going for a sleek and sculpted look with a straight back, you'd definitely be able to achieve this with a looser texture. If your hair kinks up though, and this is not to disrespect anyone as I have kinky hair too, you may not get that sleek look that you desire, especially if you are not working with a skilled braider. Your hair drawing back into itself may make the hair more challenging to hide under the extensions and when coming to the ends of your natural hair they may begin to stick out. Adding to this, depending on the braider, they may grip your hair so tight that the style wouldn't be worth the head aches anyway.

Me saying this is not linked only to the particular situation mentioned above but would apply to many scenarios and many different hair styles. May it be a braid-out, twist-out, flexy-rod set, you name it. Your hair type will impact how the styles is done on you if no manipulation is done to your hair.

Another example can be watching a youtube video of someone with a looser curl pattern doing a twist out, while you have a tighter curl pattern. Your twist out will not  come out the same if you twisted on damp hair, straight after a wash. Say however, you first stretched your hair using your preferred method (banding, twist/braids, blow out, etc.) and then twist your hair, your result may be a little closer to theirs. Of course techniques and products will change the look as well but I'm talking about all other things being equal here.

Anyway, I won't keep you much longer. Know that all texture are beautiful and have their own 'advantages' and 'disadvantages' and as a result all styles won't look the same on different hair textures. Know what your natural hair can and cannot do and you won't set up yourself for disappointment.

We'd love to hear from you. Have you had any negative or positive experiences when styling or having your natural hair styled due to it's texture? Do you believe that all natural hair types are 'equal' from a style perspective and can achieve any desired style?

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  • Shaun

    I’m new to you but you have been saying what has been on my mind for so long. When I watch the youtubers do their twistouts, I always say they should thank genetics first and the products second. I have also discovere as cute as twistouts look in the long run they do my hair more harm than good.
    But to answer your question, no, natural hair types are not equal from a style perspective. We see the looser types being elevated over the kinkier types and products and styles that work for those hair types may (do) not work for us. So yes, get to know your hair and if you are in pursuit of a particular hairstyle, maybe look to safely wearing wigs, weave or clip-ins but do not manipulate your hair to the point of breakage or alopecia. Whew, I said a lot but it was in my heart or on my head.

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