About Us

Saturdays spent on the floor, wedged between my mom or aunt's legs, as a comb was raked through my hair.
A tender, achy scalp that lasted until Tuesday.
Envy abound as I both secretly and openly wanted the pretty hairstyles that my sisters and the other girls in my neighborhood had.
I've had a love/hate relationship with my hair since childhood and I imagine that you have, too.


Hi, I’m Leandra and I LOVE natural hair. More specifically, I love to see well groomed kinky/coily natural hair. I think it has something to do with the fact that it's considered 'challenging', coupled with my childhood memories of always wanting more out of my hair. I know that there is sometimes a stigma towards our kinks but I firmly believe that our kinks are just as beautiful as other natural hair types. We just need to learn how to care for our hair and love, nurture and respect our kinks.

I also have a love for business. I knew from a very young age that I would have my own business(s). I grew up seeing my mother working extremely hard for us as a produce vendor, raising four of us on her own from the time I was 10, after our Dad passed. My foundation and backbone as a business person is as a direct result of watching and working with her in my teenage years.


Healthy Kinks Botanicals you see,  is the merging of my two passions. My love for kinky/coily hair and my love for business.


The Healthy Kinks Botanicals range of products help  afro-textured beauties to achieve moisture,  shine, and manageability through simple, effective, balanced hair care products, specially formulated with kinky/coily hair in mind. Countless hours are spent researching, formulating and testing our products to ensure their efficacy.

We know first hand and understand the frustrations in shopping for hair care products for our hair type. The amount of money we have wasted on products that just don’t work for us could certainly have been put to better uses. The amount of information out there on caring for natural hair can also be very overwhelming, especially for those who are seeking simplicity and effectiveness combined.

Kinky hair is beautiful and diverse and is something to be proud of, rather than feeling ashamed of. We believe that persons can love and appreciate their hair and by extension start loving themselves more knowing that they are beautiful and unique. We want to help you save your time, money and your sanity by reducing the amount of products you purchase and by reducing the amount of time you spend doing your hair.

In the end our ultimate aim is to foster a community where kinks are celebrated, simplicity is craved, where girlfriends encourage and uplift each other and where we learn to love, care for and nurture healthy kinks. We look forward to growing and sharing together with you.