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Are All Natural Hair Textures Considered Equal From A Styling Perspective? 1

Know your natural hair and what it realistically can and cannot do in it's natural state. If you are going 
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Healthy Kinks. What Does That Mean Anyway? 0

Kinks, in itself, was not enough though. We needed to build around that. What is it that we are trying to achieve with our kinks? Is it length? Is it moisture? Is it manageability?...
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Petrolatum/Mineral oils etc. – What’s all the fuss about? 0

There is a current conception in the natural hair community that products heavy in petrolatum/mineral oil are ‘bad’
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The Impact of Fitness & Nutrition on Our Hair

The Impact of Fitness & Nutrition on Our Hair 0

Similar to how exercise and nutrition is vital to a healthy and properly functioning body, the same holds true for our beauty regime, more specifically our skin and hair.  These, after all, are also parts of our body and every thing is connected through our cells and tissues.
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