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The focus of our products is on moisture, shine and manageability to kinky/coily natural hair. That's where we place our focus. That being said, the products can be used by any texture, density and porosity of hair. The feedback has been amazing despite our Beauties' hair texture.

Common questions we get concerning our products:

I'm interested in using your products but I don't know where to start.

Our product line is relatively simple and we don't have much overlap with the products within the line. Below is a very brief 'run down' of the products:

- Hair & Scalp Oil: Cocomint & Herbal Infusion. Both of these are great products for both your hair & scalp. It can be used in any instance where you apply oil to your scalp or hair. We chose to do two formulas as we know they are many persons who don't like coconut oil, so they would be able to choose the Herbal Infusion in those instances. If you don't have any allergies or there are no specific oils that you don't like for your hair, you can choose either of these. It's a personal preference and most persons go based on smell.

- We Love It Clean Clarifying Shampoo: Use this shampoo when you need a deep clean or we use it specifically on the scalp for the first wash.

- Moisture My Way Shampoo: This shampoo gives your hair a great clean while still leaving a softer feel on the hair. It is not as cleansing as our Clarifying Shampoo. This can be used as your sole shampoo, or if you are using the Clarifying Shampoo first you can do your second wash with this shampoo.

- Moisture My Way Conditioner: Restores some moisture and manageability to your hair after your cleanse. It has great slip and aids with detangling. This product is to be washed out after use. Follow the directions on the packaging.

- Triple B Balance Restore Deep Conditioning Treatment: This is very similar to a conditioner but one that is on steroids. It's a more powerful conditioner so to speak. It offers nice balance between moisture and protein, two of the most important elements to be balanced in a care hair regimen. How often you should deep condition is a personal preference. Some persons do it everyone wash day, while other build a routine and may do it once a month or once every six weeks. Get to learn your hair and what would work best for you.

- Moisture My Way Leave-in Conditioner: This has a similar purpose to the conditioner above but it offers even more slip, emollientcy and is a lighter product as it is intended to stay in the hair. It can be used in between washes as well and is to be used as you would a moisturizer.

- Shine & Seal Pomade: This product is basically a combination of plant oils, vegetable wax and a special sealant. What a sealant does is to help 'trap' moisture in the hair shaft. Water, which is the ultimate hydrator for our hair in any form or fashion, evaporates very quickly on it's own so this sealant is formulated to help try to retain moisture for a longer time period versus if it was not used. It is also great at providing shine/sheen to the hair and can be used on the scalp. Some persons also use it as a styling aid.

- Twist & Style Cream: This is an amazing product that doubles as a leave-in conditioner and styler. It is a moisture and definition booster and is great for a large variety of styles. Note that it does not have much hold, so if you require more hold it can be doubled with another styling product or gel of your choice.

So what product(s) should your start with? We have combined a few products which we believe is a great start when trying our products called the Moisture My Way Base Regimen. It includes the Moisture My Way Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-in Conditioner and Shine & Seal Pomade. These are the basics that your hair will need to start maintaining that moisture, shine & manageability we crave for our hair.

Alternatively the products can be purchased separately based on the uses mentioned above. Note that the product descriptions would have have more information on each product.

We hope this has been helpful.

Can the products be used on other hair types?

Yes, the products can be used on other hair types including texturized and relaxed hair. You will have to use a lot less of the products however, otherwise you may find some of them too heavy. This will be a personal preference and you honestly will not know unless you try them for yourself and see.

Can the products be used on locs?

The products can be used on locs but again this would be a personal preference. Some persons with locs do not like to use creams. If this is the case for you, you would not use our conditioner, deep treatment, leave-in conditioner or twisting cream. All the other products within the line can be used. I will also say at this point that though our products are highly effective, they are not heavy.

If you don't have a problem with using cream, you are free to use all the products within our line on your locs.

Can the products be used on babies and young children?

Babies are such delicate beings. Our personal philosophy is the less you do as they are still young and developing the better. They are some babies however who enter this world with loads of hair and the parents may need help sooner rather than later.

All things being equal, e.g. no allergies etc., most of our products would be okay to use from 3-6 months. They should not use the clarifying shampoo or hair & scalp oils. Use of the MMW shampoo should be minimal and the preference if for it to be diluted with water before use. Note that none of our shampoo are tear free.

We recommend use of the Berry Banana line as opposed to the Lavender Burst, which contains essential oils.


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