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Looking at this brush I completely understand you possibly being skeptical. I mean, you want me to put that in my hair with all those fine teeth! Fine tooth combs are a no, no for most naturals so why would I put my hair through that! I get it. Don't knock it until you try it though.

This brush is ideal for those who want a smooth finish. If used properly I promise it will surprise you.

Depending on your length and hair type I still recommend going through with a wide tooth comb first (I love our wooden wide tooth comb) and then using this brush as the final step to ensure you get all the tangles and shed hair out.


  • It feels great and is extremely still lightweight
  • Flexible brush bristles


  • Comfortable to hold and use
  • Easier to brush through your hair and help remove tangles
  • Helps to evenly distribute products through your hair
  • Saves time in detangling your hair
  • Flexibility in detangling as the bristles move with you as you detangle.
  • Can be used to massage the scalp thereby promoting circulation and also relieving muscle tension
  • It feels great gliding through your hair once the tangles are out

Things to be mindful of:

  • Tangles are still tangles. Don't expect a miracle and go raking the brush through your hair and expect the tangles to automatically go away.
  • You still need to take your time (though less time) and be gentle with your hair
  • Start at the ends and slowly make your way to the roots
  • Detangling on damp hair, preferably with conditioner or another product of your choice is the recommended and optimal way of detangling natural hair
  • The smaller the section the easier it is to detangle

To Clean:

  • I find the easiest way to clean it is to squish it around from side to side in a bowl of water or cleaning solution. This pushes the hair in the brush down for easy removal.
  • Alternatively, when it's wet hold it face down and knock it in the palm of your hand or on a surface to push the hair down.
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