Satin Bonnets - Small

Product Description
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Protect your hair with our satin bonnets. It makes no sense using our amazing products and then having them taken away or soaked up while you sleep. 

Product Features:

  • 100% satin (polyester)
  • High quality - double layered
  • Locally made!
  • Doesn't create creases on your face
  • A spandex headband so it wouldn't be tugging at your hair line
  • No bothersome elastic that stretches out in two twos
  • I find them rather cute as oppose to some of the Mother Hubbard looking ones you see on the market :)
  • Size - approximately 14" unstretched 

Product Benefits:

  • Less tangles & snagging due to the silkiness of the satin material
  • Less moisture extraction when compared to the usual cotton pillow cases
  • Comfort as you sleep at night as the bonnets are very comfortable
  • Longer lasting saving you time and money
  • Over all healthier hair and a healthier hair line

Care Instructions:

  • Bonnet should be hand washed or washed on the gentle cycle with cold water. Be mindful of the colors.
  • Allow to air dry preferably on a flat surface.


Sizing Dimensions:

Relates to the circumference of the spandex band and not how much hair the bonnet can hold.


** Note that the colors displayed on your screen may be slightly different from the color in person.

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