Flexi Detangle Brush

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The brush that is all over youtube and the internet!


  • Ergonomic - it feels great, sturdy and thick yet still lightweight in your hands
  • Matte texture grip - Non-slip surface with rubber handle
  • Flexible brush bristles
  • Detachable bracket - for fixed or flexible bristles; adjusting the width between the bristles. Two positions available
  • End rounded plastic bristles
  • Size - 24.5cm length; 7.5cm width; 4.5cm height.


  • Comfortable to hold and use
  • It won't slip out your hand during use
  • Easier to brush through your hair and help remove tangles
  • Helps to evenly distribute products through your hair
  • Saves time in detangling your hair
  • Detangle your way. Flexibility in detangling. If you want a more structured stroke, use the separator versus if you want more flexibility as you brush don't use it.
  • Can be used to massage the scalp thereby promoting circulation and also relieving muscle tension
  • Easy to clean

Things to be mindful of:

  • Tangles are still tangles. Don't expect a miracle and go raking the brush through your hair and expect the tangles to automatically go away.
  • You still need to take your time (though less time) and be gentle with your hair
  • Start at the ends and slowly make your way to the roots
  • Detangling on damp hair, preferably with conditioner or another product of your choice is still the optimal way of detangling natural hair
  • The smaller the section the easier it is to detangle


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