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Sometimes our hair needs to get a deep clean to get rid of all the gunk and build up and then we can start to rebuild moisture to our tresses. That is where this bundle fits in. 

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  • We Love It Clean Clarifying Shampoo - Gives the hair a deep clean and prepares it to take on the added moisture the hair needs. This is ideal for using on the scalp as the first wash and can also be applied to the hair shaft if the hair has a lot of build up.
  • Moisture My Way Shampoo - Used for the second wash. This shampoo offers a nice balance between ensuring the hair is clean and beginning to restore some conditioning and moisture to the hair.
  • Triple B Balance Restore Deep Conditioning Treatment - Now that your hair is clean, it is primed and ready to start rebuilding moisture to your hair. This deep treatment definitely packs a punch in moisture and also contains a small amount of protein. It is amazing!!! And a little goes such a long way.
  • Moisture My Way Leave-in Conditioner - Light weight, yet extremely effective, this leave-in conditioner will aid in detangling and offer a silky smoothness to the hair.
  • Twist & Style Cream - This is the ideal twist and style companion. It offers moisture, definition and shine to your style of choice.

    Who is looking forward to their next wash day!!!

Sizing: 8 fl.oz moisture shampoo, 8 fl.oz clarifying shampoo, 9 oz deep treatment, 8 fl oz Leave-in, 9oz Twist & Style Cream.


 Scents: This relates to the moisture shampoo and leave-in conditioner only. The clarifying shampoo, deep treatment and twist & style cream are only available in one scent.

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