Continuous Trigger Water Spray Bottle

Product Description

Let's just step things up a notch shall we! You know how we do here at HKB. Yes, you can get an ordinary spray bottle, but trust us, once you start using this baby here so you won't look back. The feel alone of it in your hands is amazing! Consider it a splurge if you like and get a gift for yourself or for someone else.


  • Ultra fine spray mist - Water distributes from this bottle effortless and evenly. 
  • Continuous injection - Quickly and continuously pull the trigger to produce an uninterrupted continuous spray.
  • Food grade PET bottle - Highly polished, aesthetically pleasing and durable
  • Ergonomic design - Comfortable grip and elegant appearance, the look and feel alone of this bottle would make you look forward to doing your hair just to use it!
  • Convenient & efficient - You determine how much or how little mist you need. You would say that using a regular water bottle doesn't take anything out of you but you will feel the difference after using this.

Size Options: 200ml | 500ml


***Important Notes***

1. Please fill only water inside, otherwise the nozzle might get clogged over time, for example, with the oil or other contents.

If unfortunately the bottle does get clogged, please be advised to try filling it with diluted vinegar and spray the vinegar all out to see if the clogging inside the nozzle would get dissolved.

2. Please be sure to change water frequently. Depending on your water quality leaving water in the bottle for a long time might lead to smells being developed in the bottle.

If unfortunately a smell does develop, please be advised to fill it with soap water or other detergents and be sure to spray the detergents out. This way, the detergents would go through the nozzle and effectively clean the smell in the nozzle as well as in the bottle.

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